Last week Twitter has launched yet again another redesign of their web app, in line with iOS, Android and TweetDeck. Twitter new home app is clearer and more visual. Yes, pictures again. While the visually enhanced Facebook new Newsfeed is lost somewhere in Palo Alto databases, Twitter is making big steps featuring bigger images. First was the inline previews on iOS and Android apps, then the web app and now the new redesign.

Why you ask? It's not only for the looks. Pictures you get more ReTweets.

Using a dataset of almost 500 000 tweets, Dan Zarella of HubSpot found out that Tweets with pictures are 94% more likely to be ReTweeted. That number alone is incredible.

Tweets with pictures get more retweets

He also found out that Instagram and Facebook links are respectively 42% and 47% less likely to be ReTweeted. The picture does not appear in preview.

I personally can say that my 2 best tweets (a quote and a tweet) have come after the inline preview, and, surprise: they contained a picture:

From October until now, we've seen ReTweets on pictures growing exponentially and text-only ReTweets decreasing. If you aim at getting more ReTweets, you should start tweet more pictures.

Source: Infographic -How to Get More Clicks on Twitter