We live in a digital era: we have managed to automatize a lot of different jobs and will continue to do so.

We don't mind if we order our food thorugh a tablet and a machine serves us in the restaurant.

Customer Service Personal Touch

We don't mind if we never meet the banker taking care of our accounts, as long as everything works and we can do all operation through NetBank.

We don't mind if our Amazon's toys are delivered by drones, as long as they arrive in time (or even before we even know we'd like to buy it).

Cashiers, travel agents, shop assistants, we don't care anymore about having no contacts. "Personal" is dying. Automated jobs are everywhere.

Where are our emotions?

We moved our emotions online: that's why we care if a company replies us on twitter. That's why we pretend that a company answers our comments on Facebook.

Because we know that companies are not only robots. Companies are run by people and we need a personal touch somewhere.

In the digital era, the personal touch is on social media.