We, individuals, companies, and groups too often blindly follow the amount of likes on our pages. We treat that number like it would be a direct representation of how our group, ourselves, or our company is doing. Simply, the ideology goes something like this: more likes - more successful we perceive something to be.

Yes, to some extent this is true. Bigger companies do have more likes and influence in Social Media, but there are many more factors that we should pay more attention to than just likes. Just likes do not mean anything more than a digital hand gesture that says "Hey, your page looks nice and there might me something to my liking, but for now, I'll shake your hand and wish you the best". That IS NOT a promise to follow, engage, and to share. LIKES mean very little if you don't have any engagement.

For example, Forbes estimated that only 5-10% of your followers will ever see your post if you have zero engagement. Then consider this: if you have likes and engagement, it correlates to 90% higher conversion and sales.

Brands should try to prioritise engagement over exposure, according to the Managing Director of Ad Market Development at Google and YouTube.

We have such great digital environments that allow us to share our best moments, most engaging messages, or funniest pictures. Brands should leverage these channels to maximize the return on investment.

Telling the stories through texts, images, and videos is what the consumer wants. Let us not hammer them with static ads and banners, and let's try to achieve a true following and advocacy. If you're smart about this, you can see an increase in sales and better conversion for marketing. This is guaranteed.

Content is king, so keep on publishing and create inbound suction.

Don't take my word for it, check the image below.

more than likes