After you pass the 200 friends on Facebook, you can basically connect with anybody you meet once in life or you just seem to like through other connections. The word "friends" doesn't tell the real story. I understand the marketing value for Facebook to call its users "friends", but they are really just connections.

And this is why I believe that having +1000 friends on Facebook is a very positive thing: most of them are very valuable to me and I'm not talking only about "friendship".

When you should NOT add a new friend

You should not add someone you have not met or have no intention to ever meet. Don't add fake users (barber shops tend to create profiles instead of pages...) and do not add someone just because they're hot. They might be crazy nazi for all you know (more on that later).

Facebook connections are good for everything

That's one of the reasons of having friends in real life as well, right? In case you need something specific, you have that friend that can help. Well, once you have +1000 friends, there must be one for everything. I can think of many examples, let's go through 5 of them:

1- Job opportunities

Post by Dingle.

Your connections can hook you up with the right people. They can vouch for you or even just give you heads-up on a job interview in the same market. Moreover, even if they’re competitors, in my experience if they’re your Facebook friends they play the game fairer and even come in your aid if needed.

2- Marketplace

If you have anything to sell, one of the 1000 connections is interested. My Kindle Paperwhite was sold in 5 minutes. No other website needed like Ebay, no auctions, no "hoping he/she will pay". It's a friend. Of course they'll pay.

Also, it works as a marketplace when you want to buy something as a group and sharing shipping costs.
We ended up buying 17 and they are very handy indeed.

3- Specific interests for specific groups or lists for

There's some connections I know I can contact if I need one player or two for a football match. Like that tall blonde guy in the picture. We have never ate dinner together, we've never shared more than a 30 seconds footbal-related conversation, but we played countless matches.

With more than a 1000 friends, you can be sure someone is interested in that particular video or article you feel passionate about, being it sport, food or a hobby… there’s always someone who'll enter in a conversation with you.

And if you are into lists you can share updates based on interests: dancing, movies, in foreign language… depending to which list you’re talking to, only certain people see these updates. That’s Facebook Ultimate Use right there.


Photos of my friends in Malaysia GRAPH SEARCH
When you travel, you might meet people and get to know good places. And if your connections have been travelling, they met people and they got to know places. Just by using Graph Search, you can ask Facebook to tell you who of your connections have been visiting a certain country. Then your can ask them tips and maybe they hook you up with the right people.

Photos of my friends in Barcelona GRAPH SEARCH
Or, you can ask Graph Search who has visited Barcelona, and you find out that you even a friend living there at the moment. What’s better than that before a trip to Spain?

5- Purchase recommendations

Basically, you could use Facebook as Google and get recommendation on items you want to purchase. Even more, when you ask your Facebook friends they will not only reveal details to pay attentions to you have never even thought of, but they will get so passionate about it that the whole conversation will really give you reasons to continue or not the purchase.

The bad aspect of having 1000 friends.

Let’s be honest: the risk of having a pervert/pedophile/sociopath among 1000 friends is higher than when you have 100. And that's why I share very little pics of my daughter. But I would share little about her with 200 friends as well. After 100 friends you cannot really say you know them all very well, so overall just be careful about what you share.

My golden rule to unfriend people

Unfriend on Facebook
I like to think that I know all my 1200 friends. I do have one golden rule though. If I see the picture of someone on Facebook and I don't recognise him/her, I go check his/her profile pictures or pictures he/she’s tagged in. If after 3 pics I still don't know who that person was then I unfriend them. As simple as that. 3 pictures.

p.s: to tell you the whole truth, I also unfriend those who make very racist comments or have pictures while wearing nazi uniforms in a nazi party. Yep, I had a friend like that.