If we think back a few years, the consumer's expectation towards customer service wasn't high. Consumers expected to get help in the stores, as well as, on the phone. And, by the way, stores and phone lines were closed around 5 o’clock back then, and that was just how things were.

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Customer service, in most cases, was not good. It didn’t matter, though, because the expectations for receiving good service were low as well.

The modern consumer is a different kind of animal. They won’t stand for bad service. Companies who do not serve their customers WILL HEAR ABOUT IT. Reviews will come, whether the companies like it or not. Negative reviews are often plastered all over the Internet within hours from the occurrence. And believe me when I say: Once you have bad reviews, gaining that trust is a rocky road.

What can you do to prevent negative reviews and make your company a customer service hero?

1. Be aware of the expectations.

Like I mentioned above, customers expect a whole lot more these days. Make sure your staff understands this. If your employees are not engaged with the customer service, your company will not see growth. Not in today’s world. In a modern company, customer service is in everyone’s job description.

2. It is not a 9-to-5 job

Remember this: Communicate when the customer wants, not when you want. A lot of customers are browsing to buy products or service after working hours. They have questions and they want answers, NOW! Can you imagine what it does to your sales if you are there to facilitate your prospects needs while they are in the purchasing mood?

Being present around the clock is not a recommendation, it is a necessity.

3. Don’t be too much like a robot.

“Hello, may I help you?”, “My name is Jane, pleased to meet you. May I help you with something?”, “We sure are glad that you chose us for your provider!”.

Puke, puke, and puke. I don’t want to hear those generic responses while shopping. Why don’t you approach me like a human, won’t ya?

4. Have your staff trained to use different channels.

At this point, you might think that your staff is reluctant to do anything about the whole service thing. As long as you let them think that it will add more work to their daily routine, they will not take it well. It’s all about how you present the idea to them. You should communicate the value it brings to your employees. You should arrange trainings for and be open about the value it brings to your company. Let them get to to know the environment before pushing them to perform.

Also, dig deeper than just functionality. Have a clear strategy, have your staff go over crisis training and make sure your employees are comfortable with writing. And again, speak openly about the strategy as well as your motives. This will benefit not only your customers but, once successfully deployed, your staff. You will certainly see an increase in work morale. It is a great feeling when you can spend your days getting to know people and feeling like you're just having a bunch of great conversations (while of course helping your customers).

Here are few good examples from online:

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2. zappos