Many brands are taking advantage of Instagram very successfully, gathering huge audiences. In Finland, the audience is still small compared to Facebook, but still, many brands and companies have gotten involved. For example, Tjäreborg, Happy Joe cider, as well as Cheek, who already has over 109 000 followers.




However, I have been curious about this channel. Is it worth it to focus on the utilization of this channel in addition to other social media channels? I ended up discussing the matter with our content specialist Josefine Janhonen, who has worked with exploiting Instagram.

What's the point of being on Instagram, when we don't even know how many people are using this channel compared to Facebook? Why should brands and companies be on Instagram?

”One of the biggest problems in marketing for businesses is that they don't have enough pictures. This does not only apply to Instagram, but in general as well. Due to the strong impact of pictures, companies have a great need for image content for all channels. As a result of this, I see that the use of Instagram would be a good way to begin the production of pictures and also acquire pictures from users, so that the brand could also use these pictures on other channels. This is a great way to gather pictures at this stage, and even if you don't have that many followers in the beginning, you have now started the process of producing pictures. So, basically, you don't need to worry about being on Instagram and producing a lot of pictures that nobody sees, because they can always be used on Facebook and other digital channels.

What you should think about, for example what has happened with Facebook, is that many brands have woken to the dawning of social media at quite a late stage. Now they can see that their competitors have a good head start, and I see the same thing on Instagram now. There are interesting marketing opportunities there for brands, for example, through advertising and the use of hashtags. These opportunities should be claimed by companies at this stage.

For example, if a yogurt company wanted to claim #yogurtday they can do that at this point. Of course, a bunch of other stuff could show up, but at least they know that other brands won't use it.

Recently, we've found that young people tend to spend less time on Facebook, while the amount of time spent on Instagram is growing. A large proportion of young people are on Instagram, so this is a good channel to reach and engage them.”

A summary of our conversation:

1 – When taking Instagram into use we have to find an efficient process for content production which accumulates an image bank that can be utilized in all digital channels

2 – The ability to gather images produced by fans through campaigns

3 – The possibility to reserve own # to claim certain discussions

4 – Reaching the younger target groups (Cheek having more than 109,000 followers says quite a lot)

5 – Timing: Instagram is still growing and by starting immediately you will get a head start on those who will join later.