Relevant and personally interesting content is the key to everything. Most companies, however, publish content that you can't understand for whom it is intended.

The underlying idea is that if you create content for a target group, other members of the community that don't belong to that group will find the content to be unnecessary and disruptive, which may lead to negative feedback or the loss of followers. This leads to creating content that is suitable for everyone. It is possible to produce high-quality 'everything for everyone' content once in a while, but succeeding in constantly producing it is very challenging.

Is content designed for a specific target group really a problem?

If we create and publish good content that is intended for male ice hockey fans, they will respond by liking, sharing and commenting. Their friends will see this and if they feel that it is good content, then they will do the same. So, the chain continues in accordance with interest. This is, of course, affected by Facebook's algorithm. The algorithm works in a way so it can determine to which others it should present the content.

Below is an example from Sheraton, of two different pictures, which are intended for different audiences and, consequently, have gained a better reception in the right target group.


As two men are celebrating on the green, one could expect that this would be more interesting to men.


And this one to women.

So create content with the true purpose of aiming at a specific target group even if you have many different groups you need to reach. Don't try to impress everyone with a piece of content. Create relevant content that has been thought out for whom and why it has been created. Why would people share your content? Why should they care about your content? Answer these two questions and your content will surely work better than before.