In today’s news, Facebook announced that it will literally punish the pages that are misbehaving.

Let me explain. You've probably seen the pages that beg for likes and shares. The most desperate pages and communities do it with kittens and fun images that have nothing do with the other content. The latest trend in fishing likes was to increase the click-bating headers and links.

Not anymore, though. According to Facebook and its efforts to increase transparency, Facebook will be punishing the pages that try to trick people with links and images that encourage to like and share. The punishment shows as decreasing organic reach. Some might even evaporate from the feeds.

So the real question is: How to keep your reach up if you can’t cheat?

There is only one way, my friend.

Keep your content FRESH and ORIGINAL, and KEEP THEM COMING. Secondly, remember who is your target and keep it relevant and engaging to them. Once you earn the organic likes and shares, your page is on its way to FB-fame.


For the sake of repetition, what you should do:
1. Keep your posts original and relevant
2. Keep your posting frequent
3. Don’t misguide your audience with faulty, misleading linking
4. Consider your audience and thrive for organic engagement.