I read an article in Markkinointi & Mainonta about Amer Sports' content marketing development: Amer Sports kiihdyttää ostetusta omaan (unfortunately only in Finnish). It means Amer Sports accelerating from paid to earned media. The article was written by Teppo Kuittinen (25.10.13) and Mikko Simon from Amer Sports was sharing his thoughts. As I was reading I decided to write down some good main points.

Here are the five most important things that a content marketer should keep in mind:

1 - ”Video publications have not been random acts, but part of a systematic shift from purchased media to building our own channels”

We should deal with all content as part of a bigger picture. We make a plan that will lead to systematic adoption of all channels, but the concept remains the same.

2 - ”What is not measured, does not matter”

If the acts are random without a process, we can not see what works. The word 'process' refers to continuous action and measuring has to be continuous and systematic. We see the nodes of actions and the most important parts of development. Everything can be measured.

3 - ”We are present at sporting events and communities. That is where content is generated.”

The content tells a story about something. The content itself is not valuable, but the message it conveys is. SoMe-magician Aki Toivonen said, ”Do not be a slave of your content. The content's purpose is to serve your cause. Not the other way around.”

4 - "We have developed rapidly, but we still have a lot of work to do before we are able to meet the expectations of today's consumer"

Even though they have done alot, their attitude is exceptional. Attitude is most important, because continuous learning is only possible with a good attitude and that is what guarantees success todays quickly changing digital environment.

5 - ”The ability to react quickly requires certain processes within the organization. We need to make sure that the right people are involved in decision-making and making decisions should not take weeks.”

We can make the finest plans in the world, but if we don't take into account and plan thoroughly how operations are resourced and how we can follow through on our plan every day, then we can throw our plans in the trash.

We should learn from others, such as Amer Sports. Ideas can be applied and observed how they work. We should definitely also observe from outside our own industry, because that often evokes the best ideas.