4 Facebook marketing metrics you should know and use to get most out of your Facebook marketing.

Marketing can be done effectively. Here are 4 metrics to keep your eye on for simple and fast Facebook optimisation.

1. Google Analytics - Social Network Referrals

One super easy way to check which pages are getting noticed via your social media efforts is to check your Google Analytics data. More so, go to Acquisitions -tab, choose the Social -tab, then go to network referrals -tab and boom! You can see exactly what channel brings the audience to your website.


2. Pages to watch

There is a neat new feature for admins to track their competitor's page. Just choose and click pages which are similar to you, or which otherwise offer great content. Then, wait and see if one page is getting more attention, engagement, and likes over the others. When and if so, check out what they are doing and then REPLICATE on your own page! Work smart not hard, right?

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3. Posts-report - When are your fans online and engaged

This report shows when your fans are online and engaged with Facebook. This way, you can optimise the posting times to get the maximum amount of engagement. It makes NO SENSE to post at 10 am if your fans are online at 5 pm. No matter how good your post is, you are not going to get the best result if the fans are not online. Simple as that.

fans are online_facebook

4. Post type-report - What type of posts resonate with your fans

This repost tells you what sort of posts work the best for your audience. This way, you can make your content plan accordingly. Simple but effective way to plan suitable content.

post types_facebook


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