Nowadays, YouTube can be a supercharged engine for driving traffic to your site. Here are four simple steps to get started with YouTube awesomeness:

1.Optimize your metadata

Metadata is the most important thing to get right. Without the metadata, your videos will be lost far and away from your viewers. In terms of YouTube, the metadata means everything from the title and descriptions to tags.


2. Use captions for some SEO benefits

Captions are basically the subtitles for your video.


They are added to your video as a separate file. A TEXT FILE, that is. This makes your video highly visible for search engines. And because the search engines can now “read” your video, it will be easier to find via those search engines making your video shine like a star.

YouTube_automatic captions

3. Annotations – the embedded video buttons.

Annotations are a great way to spice up your videos. In fact, these buttons are a great way to link videos together for continuity and consistency.


These buttons allow you to embed a button over your video.


The button you choose is then linked to a number of possible locations like playlists, channels, Google+ Profile/Pages, subscriptions or to an associated website. Use it and abuse it! ;)

4. Make sure your channel is well put-together, active, and in line with your brand.

It is very important for your channel to look good when someone lands on it. You want to send the message that “Hey, we are super active and we make awesome videos.”


You're enthusiasm and preparation helps to build trust and a great relationship with the viewer right off the bat.

P.s. YouTube is now allowing creators to insert a 3 second branded video to each video. This means that the account holders and creators can now upload a specific branded intro and just add it to their new videos within YouTube. NOTICE! "how-to" blog is on its way!

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