Beats by Dr. Dre (the company that Apple just bought for 3 bn $) has so far released what I believe is the best ad, featuring Brazil superstar Neymar, other players such as German midfield Schweinsteiger, France ex-forward Thierry Henry but also non-football releated stars as singer Nicki Minaj, tennis player Serena Williams and basketball legend James LeBron. The ad is worth your 5 minutes.

While Beats seems to have Out-Nike’d Nike this around, the american appareal brand has started almost a month ago with its #RiskEverything campaign. With 74 million viewers on YouTube, they lead as the most watched ad of the world cup (so far), featuring Ronaldo, Pirlo, (again, of course) Neymar and even Kobe Bryant, Irina Shayk and the Incredible Hulk (seriously):

In the new ad of the same campaign, Nike risked everything as well, featuring Pixar-like cartoon instead of actual players:

Also, the campaign is meant to continue after the world cup. That would explain the presence of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who won’t participate to the tournament (thought his peers have tried to call him in with the #VemIbr Youtube and Twitter campaign)

Great visual content arrived also from ESPN, who hired world-famous artist Cristiano Siquiera to draw 32 posters for the teams. They're amazing:

brazil selecao cristiano siquiera poster

You can see the full list here: ESPN World Club Posters.

In my opinion, Adidas is right now the worst placed among multinational giants. The #allin campaign, featuring Messi dreaming about Suarez, Schweinsteiger and Van Persie is too weak to be remembered:

We will see more campaigns in the next days and I honestly just can't wait. For a football lover and social media passionate, this is better than Christmas.