We mentioned earlier that the World Cup is the most social event in history. And with what I've seen and what I've heard, the World Cup hasn't been shy of surprises, as well as, weird incidents. This has, of course, resulted in a whole lot of buzz in social media.

The latest, and the most outrageous incident happened the other night when Luis Suarez bit another football player. It is no wonder that the brands and the people have hopped on the Suarez-train. With this blog, I thought to celebrate those who made a bold, witty, and well played move on the biting incident.

Here are my favourites from the "internets"!

Auch! That really hurt Suarez!

Suarez was here!

Unshopped Suarez photo!

Suarez as a kid:

And my favourite ads from fast moving companies:



Best bite of the year:

So, what can we learn from this. If you are looking to have great exposure you must be available for big events, be aware of any incident that exceeds the public's interest level, be ready to make a move immediately and without hesitation, you must publish it immediately with appropriate hashtags and handles, and with any luck, your post might just be labeled as viral hit!

Until the next time!

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