When doing a Social media strategy, there are many things to consider: How big of a community you want to serve, what you want the community to do, what kind of community goals you want to set, what your business' goals are, and how you can achieve these goals through the community that you will now accumulate and earn?

To make all of the above possible, it’s critical to choose a correct target group. Once it's done, achieving the rest becomes easier and more than plausible. I will give you few tools to redefine your target group so that you can make your business bloom via social media.

1. Know yourself and know your customers

Have you ever stopped and thought about who you are and what is the unique value you're offering to your customers? If you can’t answer this question right now, you have some work to do! If you do know who you are, then it’s easier to define who your customers are and what you can offer them.

If you take a look at Rolex, Louis Vuitton, or Bentley; They're all sophisticated brands. They serve the wealthy and successful. They know that to achieve the attention or to gain their customers’ curiosity, they must speak about the ultimate quality, the head-turning design, the exclusivity of the products, and the high price which only few can afford.

Where as Casio, Samsonite, or Toyota have a completely different approach. They have to talk about the durability, the long lasting quality, the fact that you can nuke these products and they would still work. Their position is in the common market, but their customers are seeking a certain value from these products.

You see where I’m headed?

2. Define the correct tone of voice!

To achieve engagement from your audience, you must talk to them like a person.

Now that we have defined your target audience, we can consider the psychographics of the person that is receiving your message. The psychographics include things like personality, values, lifestyle, interests, and so forth.

Now that you know what makes them tick, it’s easier to define your own tone. If you think about your business as a person, you can start throwing around adjectives that define it.

For example, Rolex’s tone of voice is very manly, technical, and serious. This is mainly because the target group is wealthy men who buy the watch because of its status and the complexity of the product. It is more than just a watch. To throw humor in the mix would ruin the value of the brand.

Toyota, then again, talks about the safety, durability, and functionality of their vehicles. It's mainly a family car, so they talk about values that speak to families. They use humor to convey the message. And in this group - it works.

The same rules apply to your business. When you find the correct tone, you will see how much more engagement you receive from your audience. Know them, speak to them, and grow with them.

3. Help the audience to achieve their goals.

No matter what your product or a service is, you have one mission: Help your client solve a problem. Sales is about finding a pain and then fixing that pain. Once you’ve done the leg work to get to know your client, and thought about how you are going to talk to them, it's time to make it your mission to help them achieve whatever they're after.

Toyota’s message is that they keep families safe. They make sure you get from the point A to the point B without a hitch. They say, while you happen to be in the car, everyone might as well be comfortable. Heck, we put a screen in the back to keep your kid(s) busy while you travel so that you can concentrate on driving. And that’s because we care about you!

The message speaks value.

When you're writing something, don’t just write it for the sake writing. Think about these two questions:
1. Why would/should people care?
2. Why would/should people share?

So, cover these 3 points in your next post and I guarantee that you will start seeing a difference in your engagement and activity!

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