Would you disagree with me if I said that Apple knows how to market its products pretty darn well?

Here's a fun fact about Steve Jobs: He hated the word "marketing". Can you imagine? How can the founder of the number one company, in the world, not like the word marketing and still be the best at it? What makes Apple so different from the rest?

What Allison Johnson, the former Apple VP of Worldwide Marketing Communication, said about marketing might shed some light on the question. She says, “Marketing is when you have to sell to somebody. If you aren't providing value, if you're not educating them about the product, if you're not helping them get the most out of the product, you're selling. And you shouldn't be in that mode”.

I whole-heartedly agree with Johnson.


If you ask me, I'd say that the problem is that we're now conditioned to ignore commercials and ads; at this point, it's all just noise.

You might think you’re publishing great content that's getting a great deal of reach but, in actuality, the content is not performing as well as you thought. Why? Because of the viewers' pre-conditioned tendency to ignore.

Simply put, if you are not offering value, helping, or educating your customers with a variety of content, your marketing is surely going to fall flat; especially on social media!

How can this problem be solved, you might ask? Well, you must start putting the customers first. It's as simple as that!

Once you choose to put the customer first, you'll start thinking about the value you're offering them; not just in your products, but in your marketing as well. Your marketing objective will automatically shift towards educating and helping the customers to make the right choice, in turn, strengthening the customers' brand loyalty.

Want to get started? Try answering these questions:

1. Am I providing value?
2. What is the value I’m providing?
3. Am I educating my customers?
4. How am I educating them?
5. Is the message clear?
6. What is the message?
7. Am I helping the customer to make the right choice?
8. How am I helping them?
9. Have I received great results?
9.1. If yes: Continue what you're doing?
9.2. If no: Review your answers and adjust them accordingly.

Agree or disagree? If you have any great marketing examples, please share them with me!

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