Aller Media Oy will acquire the entire business operations of Dingle, the largest social media expert in Finland. As a result the transaction, Dingle will become a subsidiary of Aller. Aller will expand into a media and marketing company which, in addition to modern magazine operations and digital content, will provide companies with all digitalisation and social media services.

The business transaction strengthens Aller's strategy to be the most social company in Finland and helps Dingle to serve its customers more extensively and to grow on an international scale. Through the transaction, Aller will be a leader in the changing income distribution structure within the media industry and in social business.

"Our future is digital and social. We have a clear vision and direction. That is why we now have the courage to invest in Finland. Previously, we stood out from the rest through, not only our magazine brands, but also through our ownership of Suomi24, the largest social media channel in Finland. As a result of this business transaction, we are expanding our expertise to all other forms of social media and we can help companies better serve their customers online," says Pauli Aalto-Setälä, CEO of Aller.

Established five years ago, Dingle has assisted more than one hundred Finnish brands in the digital transition, and in the strategy and implementation of earned and business media.

After the transaction, Dingle will operate as a separate company under its own name, and conduct its business as part of Aller. Juho Jokinen will continue as the CEO of Dingle. Pauli Aalto-Setälä, CEO of Aller, will act as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dingle.

"Through the transaction, Dingle will have access to the content and media expertise of a large media company. Together, Dingle and Aller are able to offer an even larger range of content. This is an incredible opportunity for both companies and, above all, for customers who now have the number one in Nordic content marketing as their partner," says Juho Jokinen, founder and CEO of Dingle.

Aller has four business units (starting from 1 October 2014): Aller Media, Aller Advertising Partnership, Aller Digital and Aller Marketing Services. Dingle is part of the new Aller Marketing Services.

For Aller, a company that grows boldly and makes investments in Finland, Dingle is the second business acquisition this year. At the beginning of the year, Aller acquired the Finnish magazines of the Bonnier Group and set up the AllerIdeas content marketing unit. During this financial period, Aller has increased its turnover by 6%. The acquisition of Dingle is estimated to increase the turnover of Aller by 7-10% over the following period. Aller will improve its operating profit significantly from the year before. After the acquisition, Aller employs more than 300 people in Finland.

Further information: Eveliina Nera, Communications Manager, Aller Media Oy, tel. +358 44 0203622

Aller Media Oy is an innovative and modern media and marketing service company known for its strong brands. We believe in freedom of speech, the openness of information, and interaction. Key competence areas of Aller Media include entertainment, lifestyle, digital media concepts, and social business and its development. Thanks to its vision and regenerative ability, Aller Media holds a strong market position. Aller produces the most attractive magazine brands in Finland. Aller's best-known brands are Seiska, Katso, Oma Aika, ELLE, Olivia, Costume, Koti ja keittiö, Divaani, Fit, TOPModel, Suomi24 and All Over Press. The company employs some 280 people in Finland.

Dingle is the largest expert in social business in the Nordic region, offering consulting services in business management, sales, marketing and customer service to produce digital benefits for companies. Dingle's key competence areas include the strategic planning of the use of social media, process consulting, conceptual design, and the production of content and technology. Dingle was established in 2009. During its operations, the company has planned and implemented digital business for more than one hundred Finnish brands. Last year, Dingle's turnover grew by 58 per cent to more than EUR 2.7 million. Dingle's offices in Helsinki and Stockholm employ a total of 40 social media experts.