Update: Since writing this blog, Uber has increased the number of cars in Helsinki. I rode with them several time and was always pleased with the service. After a rough start, they now have 4-5 cars regularly trafficking the streets of Helsinki. Enjoy your ride!

Uber, the private company that is changing taxi service around the world has finally arrived in Helsinki.

I would love to tell you that I took my first Uber and that it was amazing.
I really want to. I really want to take the Uber ride everyone is talking about.

But this is what the Uber app in Helsinki looks like... all the time :

I tried and tried. Since the presentation in Slush14 I have been trying to order a Uber in Helsinki almost every single day in order to make a review to be published on this blog.
Ordering a Uber in Helsinki has been impossible.

And it seems I am not the only one trying to get a private taxi ride:

@uber_Helsinki aways promptly replies that sure there are cars! Just keep looking at your app:

Even Arctic StartUp has had their doubts about the existence of any Uber car in Helsinki.

Uber. Tell us the truth. There is no car in Helsinki, is there?
It's ok. You can tell us. We can wait. But don't lie. Lying is bad for reputation.

Have you managed to get a Uber in Helsinki? Does it really exist?

Update 3.12:Uber has replied on Twitter. Join the conversation: