“Dingle on antanut minulle rohkeuden olla ylpeä siitä mitä tekee. Sen, että on ajantasalla aina mitä maailmassa tapahtuu. Ongelmanratkaisukykyä. Mahtavia duunikavereita. Tuoreimmat laitteet työntekoon. Bileet, kaulahuivin ja lihakset #dinglefit”


"I don't need to worry about things outside of work, my life is here now"


"Dingle on työntekijöidensä summa, parasta Dinglessä on tän yhteisön kaunis sielu"


”To me, Dingle is like a family, but gives me money, too! #luv”


“Dingle has given me a direction in my life! I have found a real passion for social media, digital marketing and professional development. It has also been great to have been involved almost from Dingle's beginning.”


“Dingle on antanut vapautta kehittää omaa osaamista ja kasvaa ammattilaisena. Kaiken kaikkiaan aika Dinglellä on toistaiseksi ollut yksi jättimäinen oppimiskokemus!”


"Before Dingle, I never would've thought I could come up with a hundred one-liners about northern lights in Lapland."


“On those rare occasions when Mondays suck I remind myself how lucky I am to work at Dingle. Suddenly Monday sucks no more.”


"Olen saanut Dinglellä työskennellessäni uusia kivoja kavereita ja aamupuuroa, todella hyvää aamupuuroa"


"They say it's hard to make friends in Finland. And I agree. I lived 4 years in Finland and had not a single Finnish close friend. Then I joined Dingle. And now some of my closest friends are from Finland. Thank you Dingle."


"In Dingle I've grown more than in any other place I've worked before. Sometimes it's awful. They take you and throw you in the ocean and tell you 'Swim, motherfucker' and you just need to swim. But when you do, you can come out as an olympic champion"


"Coming to the office is always always ALWAYS nice. You know you'll have to work hard every day, but you know you're going to laugh for sure as well, and laughing equals happiness."


"Going out on a weekend means going out with Dinglers of course. Boyfriends and wives might not always understand us, but it is true: a Dingler is more than just a colleague."


"Money is the easy answer to everything, that's why listen to your heart takes a bit more effort. And my heart beats Dingle."


“Dingle Choco team! DPT! Awesome people! New way of thinking, Great working experience. :D”


“For me working in Dingle has given a feeling that we're truly doing the right thing. Advising our customers toward more open world and open communications. Not creating ads but telling true stories. We have a mission, and that is why I don't hate Mondays any more.”


“Dingle proved me that anything is possible when you are surrounded by great people. Whether it is Monday morning or Friday afternoon people aren’t afraid to smile and Rock on!“


"In Dingle, individuality is encouraged, and as a result of the cultural mix, the company offers a great learning environment!“


“Työpaikan johon oikeasti tekee mieli mennä aamulla. Enemmän naurua. Kivoja uusia ihmisiä”


“On hieno juttu, että on saanut olla mukana tällaisessa kasvutarinassa. Pienestä startupista vaikuttavaksi toimijaksi auttaen yhä isompaa ja useampaa asiakasta, vaikkakaan kukaan asiakas ei ole meille liian pieni. Parhaat työkaverit ikinä ja uskomaton ryhmähenki.”

Looking forward to the next 5 years.