Twitter has published a “Year in review” website, with the best moments and perspective of 2014.

I can not put it any better: “if it happened in the world, it happened on Twitter”:

I have collected the best tweets in the Year in Review website, starting with some from the “moments” section.

A Year full of events: take a look at what happened in 2014

Do you remember Sochi Winter Olympic games?

In spring, the Nigerian girls’ disappearance was at the heart of the news:

Unfortunately, the bad news continued and what captured the attention of the whole world were two Malaysian Airlines planes, for very similar yet completely different reasons.

We already talked about the World Cup, the most social event in history, from the best ads for the event to the famous phenomena called Suarez.

There were 32.1 million tweets during the World Cup final. But the best tweet was for sure this selfie:

In the end of the summer and continuing until now, the "Ferguson” case has been grabbing people's attention:

LeBron James has showed his supported to the case, but Ferguson was not why the next tweet is among the best of 2014. It was his comeback to Cleveland that made the headlines.

(and if you have not seen Nike's commercial about it, do it, it's pretty moving)

And how can we forget all those people dumping ice on their heads? The Ice bucket Challenge, one of the most viral campaigns ever in history was of course also on Twitter:

The spread of the Ebola disease has been featured at the end of the summer:

And let's finish with a very good news and well deserved Nobel Peace Prize.

The most famous tweets by very famous people in 2014

Let’s take a look at some of the most successful tweets of last year. The whole collection can be found under the “perspectives” section in the Year in Review website.

The golden tweet or, if you wish, the most retweeted tweet in history, was taken by ellen DeGeneres during the Oscars, thanks to a great marketing stunt by Samsung:

Aaron Paul is a great actor. His Twitter account is, and has been throughout 2014, as great.

(and do watch Breaking Bad if you haven’t. It’s one of the greatest TV-serie in history).

Robert Downing Jr. joined Twitter in 2014 and has already won the hearts and RT of many:

Author J.K. Rowling is coming back with 12 new stories this month. On Twitter, she replies to fans and give us insights on what is like to be the mother of maybe the most favorite book serie of our generation.

No comments. Kanye + Kim = <3 :


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