Nowadays, the digitalisation has broaden the way we live our lives, and how we achieve our goals. As of today, we have only scratched the surface on many fields as well as many industries. As far as the social business goes, the term itself has been around for a long time, but the socialisation of businesses is just getting started. With these changes, many companies have attained a great deal of opportunities to make the world a better place!

The companies are not the only ones gaining some momentum. More and more individuals are starting to utilise the huge opportunity that the social mediums are bringing to the table. A single individual can change someone's life. All you need is determination, clear goal and social media strategy. Below, there is one story that shows exactly what this means in reality!

Read Minna's Story!

As I was thinking the meaning of my life and my current work situation I summed up all the success stories of my ad agency MillieMallie. Oh yes and to make it clear to you - dear reader… MillieMallie (that now is on hold) was a well-known ad agency in Finland. In which we just had great fun working all the time. In an environment like that you will get the most out of your creativity. And I can assure you - we really did!!

With small budgets but great ideas we were able to utilize the potential of social media in projects like “Helsinki on DOTSin Catwalk” (click here for more info. Just sorry, it is all in Finnish).
I still believe in the potential of social media in marketing beating all other media.

Although we had great fun in MillieMallie I am about to turn a new page in my personal life. Snif! Lately I have done some serious thinking about my life (except for the fact that I gave my life to Jesus). I want to do something that makes me happy and excited again. I want to devote my life for something good anyway. I think it has to do with marketing and social media somehow... Thinking out loud I realized how talented I am in coming up with good ideas, concepts and visions. And that is what I enjoy the most too!!

Well just before Christmas I was listening to Hannu from my church telling me how the gospel is reaching Africa. Oh, yes. Nothing new, I thought. I have heard this before. But when I heard about this man in Africa who is about to get paralyzed (unless someone is donating 3000 euros for the operation he would need) something moved inside of me. I just couldn’t get my thoughts off this guy. He seems so happy and healthy in the picture. And he is about to get paralyzed!? Couldn’t SOMEONE with money just donate the 3000 euros? Not ME I thought. I don’t have that kind of money! We need to buy that espresso machine and sofa to our summer cottage…

And then back to my own problems… What should I do with my life? Would I get excited about something again? Should I work as a freelancer? Have I read enough books to our two little daughters? Has their imagination developed? How could I support our youngest daughter who is talented in sports? Should we renovate our kitchen? What about the espresso machine – should we buy it or not? Oh yes, and what on earth should with my life? I want to get excited about something fun again. Well, too much thinking… I don’t know… I’m going to the gym anyway so that I will fit in to the Armani Jeans shirt I just bought. And then again I remember the guy from Africa. He is going to get paralyzed – it is TERRIBLE! Now isn’t someone able to donate the 3000 euros? Me and my husband however, need to get the espresso machine. And that sofa.
But I just can’t stop thinking that guy. It is awful that he is going to get paralyzed if he does not get help pretty soon. I have always been worried to death about my own health. But what do we do in western countries if we get sick? Well we will just visit a doctor and get it fixed. Someone might pray, hopefully. But everybody can afford that 3000 euros for an operation. Or what? But not in Africa. That is just terrible. Isn’t it?

Finally, I realize that I am a marketing guru. I should be able to do something with all the talent I am given. Something good I mean. And even if the Christmas season is over I am able to write a blog post – at least! To do something good for just this once! The man has to be operated! Now I find myself crying about - not only all my little worries - but about that man in Africa too! 3000 euros is easily collected if just 150 people would donate some 20 euros. And then I remember the power of Social Media! Sharing is caring!

Hey all you hipsters and nerds! Lets make social media history! Lets show the world what social media can do! Charity wise!!

I know, I know… Now I am making you feel guilty in purpose. And yes. I don’t think it is ethically and morally justified in marketing unless it wasn’t for this guy who is just gonna get paralyzed… guys!! As a marketing guru, it is my JOB to make you feel guilty.

So now all you guys who are still reading this post: I am asking you to take part in this campaign and do something unselfish - for just this once! Lets prove together how social media beats all other media in its potential to make a difference in the world. I herewith launch the #NoToParalyzing as THE social media phenomena of 2015. Let it mean – not only the potential physical condition of this young African - but also the condition of our hearts! Do not let your hearts to get paralyzed! Lets do something good together! I want to see how social media works in making a difference in the life of this african!

Do you want to donate?

I am asking you to donate just a little bit of your own money and to share this blog post in order to get that man operated. Here is how you can donate internationally:

Beneficiary´s name: Fida International
Beneficiary´s bank: Nordea, Myyrmäki, Finland
(Bank account number: 228718-5256)
IBAN code: FI4122871800005256
Reference number. 14106

The name of the organization:
Fida International ry
50, Kantelettarenkuja 3,
00421 Helsinki

Just imagine yourself paralyzing and not affording an operation worth just 3000 euros. It is too little money to have someone paralyzed. Seriously.

I am also asking everyone to take a selfie after donating and sharing the pic in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or where ever. Tag #NoToParalyzing to the picture. At least I am going to check out whose heart has not yet paralyzed! In addition, I expect to see many happy faces in those pictures you post. Charity makes you smile, ya know! =) Thank you in advance! And congratulations: except the fact that you are part of the hottest social media phenomena of 2015, I just knew deep down that you are a good person!

Cheers, and be blessed!

Minna Timo
Former partner, MillieMallie Oy,
Now a Seeker

Ps. Attention attention ad, digital and social media agencies! I am not that unselfish after all. You can hire me for international projects. I am at my best in coming up with great concepts, ideas and visions. And of course in creating social media phenomena. I work as a freelancer. E-mail me at and you will also find me tweeting all the time =)