In our daily work we meet companies, organisations and - at the front - people, that find it either unnecessary to communicate on social media, or necessary but difficult and intimidating. For many, the relationship between social media presence and professional life is purposefully separated. We have been warned by cautionary examples of employee  faux pas online. However, with a proper strategy and content plan, social media presence can be harnessed to work for both the individual and the company.

Whether you are the company, its director or employee, selling either services or products, social media has some serious possibilities to offer you. Let me lean on one of the most basic frameworks in marketing:


A customer – be it a B2B one or a B2C one, will most likely purchase your products or services if your company is on top-of-mind. To be on top-of-mind requires active presence at all stages of the purchase process. Preferably already before that. If you’re good, you create the urge to buy even when there is no need to begin with. You could be on top-of-mind of something that didn’t even exist.

So ask yourself, where is your potential customer and how can you reach them? Looking at the figures from last year, a lot of them are online. On Twitter, Facebook, Suomi24, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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What does Social Media got to do with it?

The positive thing about these platforms is that you can target specific audiences easily and actually interact with, and engage them. The negative part is that you are not the only one trying to do that. Thus, the content you publish and what you do online should be interactive, useful, fascinating and engaging. But most of all, it should be personal. At the end of the day we are selling human to human.

Nowhere else is it as easy to reach people personally and create interaction with potential customers before they even hear of you, than on social media platforms. The best part is: if the philosophy of personal interaction online is rooted from top to toe in the organization, you end up having a whole army of social marketers. It's especially important for employees to be proactive online if their expertise is the service. Enhancing the experts' brand enhances the company's brand.

Hence, encourage employee advocacy. That way the aggregated volume of your social media presence and people that interact with the brand will be substantial. Plus it matters more when people communicate, than when a company name does it.

So go online. Be personal. Be social.