I am an immigrant (#mamunousee) and as many of us I was unemployed at one point and even worked for free for a month. Now I do strategy work for some of the biggest Finnish companies. How did I get from a small village in Italy to one of the biggest social business consulting firms in the Nordics?

Get out of your comfort zone, and take risks.

Simone Bocedi Prima Pagina Interview Reggio Emilia

Few days ago I was interviewed for a city newspaper In Italy. I thought the interview was pretty boring and no one will notice. Then I got so many positive comments and tens of private messages on Facebook from Italy: “You set an example for kids around here” “We need more like you to show how it’s done” and so forth. But really, it was just my life, there’s nothing special in it. Or was there?

I understand that for many Italians having a good job abroad is a big thing, but maybe there was more to it. One thing that many of us foreigners have in common is: we take risks.

One of them was to work for free for one month. I had a university degree and years of experience. So why work for free in a clothing stores? My goal was to learn Finnish and I figured the only way was to just SPEAK the language. I asked to work for free, I just wanted to speak the language. I was unemployed and had only 2 months worth of savings. That means if it didn’t work out, I might have been both unemployed and broke. After 20 days, they liked me and they employed me and I worked there for 6 months.

How I got hired at Dingle

In 2012 I was following Dingle’s “early” days and I met with Juho (the mighty CEO) for a beer. I presented him my CV on the table and told him that: “You can’t say NO, the only options you have if you want to go home today are YES or I REALLY THINK ABOUT IT. What do you wanna drink?”.

He really thought about it and that’s how I got here.

And that’s why in my offers I encourage customers to take risks, to not do what they’ve always been doing. If we are meeting, it is most likely because something isn’t working the way it is supposed to and they want something new.

“New" is boring if it isn’t creative.

Creativity Takes Courage Quote

It might not always work, but we are here to make a difference, not to make what everyone has been making. To keep the know-how in our countries, we need to actually bring our know-how to the next level. To have something no one else has thought about.

It’s called creativity.

It’s called boldness.

We can call it “new” if it’s easier to swallow.

And for those who are interested, here are some extracts of the interview: