A company value is a useless crap no one wants to hear. Until it’s not.

“Our company values are: we are best, coolest, professional and blaa blaa…boring”. Values that companies highlight and boast often sound like disconnected words that management, sales department and HR try to attach to their company after consultants have planned and billed for them. But that wasn’t the original idea of having company values: they are not something made for marketing.

Are you ready to hire based on your company values? Are you ready to fire based on your company values? Are you ready to stand right by them?

A company value is like swag - you lose it if you can't carry it.

We have four values and they are really very important to us. So important that we have voted four of our employees for best personify them and the chosen ones will represent Dingle at Cannes Lions 2015 event in the French Riviera.

Their task? Be themselves and transmit what they experience in this incredible event to the rest of the company.

Come and meet them.

Rocking Culture: Jukka


@instajuuga on Insta
He is the wild child of Dingle. Young at heart, restless, full of energy, mixture of “everything is fine” -attitude with restrained control. Always ready for some attention, no matter if in digital form or real life. And he is the master of our coding, a true wizard of magical scripts which make your mobile device and computer to do unbelievable things. Jukka also facilitates and empowers Dingle Party Team , a super active, freetime fun-organising wing at Dingle. He loves Oreo-cookies and morning cereals and is a really bad R/C Helicopter pilot.

Jukka represents Rocking Culture - as we like to shake earth and often cause admiration on our actions and personas.

Freedom: Juuso

Man of the great journeys: he has taken lessons in Siberia, wandered in the Amazon rainforests and has of course snapchatted about it. He plans and delivers projects in and outside Dingle, as a real free bird should do. He’s fond of singing with his angel voice (autotune on) and the father of all the worst jokes imaginable.

Juuso is our best example of Freedom - because a social and digital world requires freedom of thought, freedom to express oneself from wherever one might be.

Courage: Simone

@bocedi on Twitter and Snapchat

Our bold and bald Italian Don Draper, who has the cojones to think amazing things… and actually present them to customers: “A good idea that is never presented is a waste of art”. When you’re planning new concepts and campaigns, he’s the one you want to have around. An artist at heart, he has a passion for three things: #lilisadventures, football (of course) and cooking (of course).

Simone represents Courage, what is needed to be vanguard and forerunner. If you want to change the world, you have to take risks.

Do good: Joona


Hi! That’s me! I guess I am Mr. Nice Guy, who likes each and everyone. I am always willing to help others and have a very positive attitude, which many foreigner say is quite exceptional for a Finn. I am well known for my appetite (I’m specialised in finishing other people's meals, "to prevent food waste generation"), my love for airplanes (they are edge of business, technology, design...man, they’re cool!) and for my relentless, competitive nature. A project is never too big or too difficult, it’s all a question of attitude. “Challenge accepted!” is the only way to go if you want to learn and grow.

I represent the Do Good attitude, because preparing astonishing things is so much easier when everyone works together and helps each other.

Company values are not just words.

They can (and should) guide employees action and help make decision. Not all value can fit everyone, but if you know your company values and can agree that “Yeah, this is who we are”, then you’re in a good working place.

Remember: people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

We will start our journey to Cannes Lions 2015-festival next week. We will blog constantly and you can follow us basically in every digital form imaginable.

Stay awesome!

Joona and the guys are ready for Cannes