We met with Eliso, co-founder of POWAU, a little juice company from Helsinki. I've known Eliso few years but I was unaware of her business until I saw candy-looking juices pop-up in my Facebook feed more often than not.
Their content is so good, they get actual sales because of the pictures they post.
Look at this: don’t you wanna drink this?

Today is my second day of cleansing, meaning I'm only drinking fresh pressed juices throughout the whole day. The bottles have been delivered to me in the morning and prepared personally by Eliso.

Hi Eliso, and thanks for being our guest. Can you tell us briefly about how POWAU was born?

Powau was born in the summer 2013 Restaurant Day. It was the first time I participated in the Restaurant Day and it was a hard decision to make georgian cousine or go with juice and smoothie bar - juices won. For a while we popped-up in most of the city street food events and at the end of 2014 we decided to go on full time and established Powau Oy. Last year our juices went to retails and we have been growing since.

When did you start with social media?

Social media like Facebook and Instagram has been big part of Powau from the very begining. People like to see the stories behind the sceens and to watch small companies like us grow. We are trying to keep our social media as uncommercial as possible to let stories and products speek for themselves. It is important for us to share who our costumers are, who our retailers are and why we do what we do. We want to always stay very close to our clients and social media is a wonderfull tool for that.

That's fantastic. Do you have a certain strategy, like, for instance, do you think about beforehand what to post or do you Ho with the flow?

Mostly, we just openly share what is going on with Powau right that day and at that moment - sometimes it's our juice cleanse client who's happy to share picture with juice box just arriving, sometimes it's Powau bike that arrives to some of the city events and sometimes it's fruits and veggies that endlessly inspire us with the beauty of nature.
Most importanty: everything is real, because people can easilly say when you are faking and that's not our style anyways.

A photo posted by @powau on


Do you ever have competitions on social media?

No. We didn't want to tell people what to do. Instead, we are very observing on how people interact with us and any time someone does something interesting, like guessing ingredients for the new juices, we react and reward them in some way.
Did you know, our clients started to use #powau and take pictures with juices. We never asked that! It was wonderfull to see where our juices end up and so, we had Friday Giveaways, gave away juices for those who took pics, just for fun, nothing official.

I guess Instagram was a natural choice, given how gorgeous your juices are. You’ve created a certain style, which you can see throughout the feed. Do you take all pictures yourself and what app do you use?

95% of the pictures are taken by me. Most of them are taken with iPhone5, it's so easy to use. Sometimes pictures are not perfect from the angel perspective or focus, but it doesn't seem to matter as long as the feeling in it is right and real.
We discovered VSCO cam and it has given a new touch since you can do so much more with it than with basic Instagram camera. Lately we have used bright colors mixed with fading contrast. Also, I have to admit that our juices are easy to take a picture of, because hey, they have wonderful colors!
White background with nature's own colors: it just can't look anything else than amazing.
White background + juices

Do many people contact you directly on social media?

They do. Eather they will leave a comment, they will start using #powau or they will send us direct message though Instagram, which is a very useful feature nowdays.

Do you think you got sales through Social media?

We do indeed. I would say 40-50% of our clients who contact us say that they have seen us on social media.

That's really impressive! You always write in English, thought you only sell in Finland at the moment. Could you explain why?

We do have big ambitious plans, so from the start we knew we will go abroad with some of our products: Engilsh was a natural choice. Also, we have many followers from all over the world, we satisfied the demand for English texts.

What’s next for POWAU? Can you reveal something?

We started as a juice company and juices will be there in the future. Summer 2015 we are launching two more juices - green and something very speciall for the Flow Festival 2015. In fall 2015 there will be new products coming up and those are not going to be juices, but it still will follow the same health and wellbeing path.

Thank you so much Eliso!

Thank you!

If you wanna get in contact with Eliso and Powau for few days cleansing or to get to know more about their adventure, you can find them on:

  • Instagram : https://instagram.com/powau/
  • Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/powauhelsinki
  • Website: http://www.powau.com

    p.s.: for the records, Powau is not our client. We support great content and good stories and this is both. ✌️