Bedazzling two days.

Today was the 2nd full day for me at the Cannes Lions 2015 festival. There is so much to do and so much opportunities that I feel bedazzled. So much good stuff that overflow is constant danger. Creme-de-la-creme of creative talents in the field of marketing is truly here and it is amazingly inspiring and thought awakening to hear and learn their tips, thoughts and examples. It is nice to realize  that they are normal humans like any of us. Throughout today's speaks, the theme positivity came out quite clearly. Here are some tips from today's speakers which I found useful.

Pharrel Williams is really humble and positive musician, who said in his talk that keeping positive mind is what fuels his creative work. When facing difficulties, one should keep in mind what is good and positive and be grateful of these matters. This is something that anyone can think of: what are the things that helps keeping positive mind? Which things are you grateful for?

Jamie Oliver explained that he estimates that 40% of his projects, what he has done has failed in some sense (not talking about food here) - but it is all right. He would't change anything, as every failure has taught him valuable lessons of some sort. Failing is normal, failing is valuable and the lessons learned are good to be kept in mind when going forward in life. Which failures have taught you most? How would you value these?

Diana Nyad is a world record marathon swimmer, who publicly failed four times in fulfilling her biggest dream of swimming 180km from Cuba to Florida, until she finally managed to accomplish this dream. He was 64 years old - 33 years older than when she had her first attempt. Such inspiring and energetic woman, with exceptional positive mental stamina and determination. She told that keeping positive and active mind in such an extreme task as hers is even more important than physical abilities. During her attempts, Diana had many. It can be song, person, game, memory or whatever factor that activates your mind in a positive way. It is also important to have supportive environment or team around you. What could be your fuel for mind, which keeps you reaching your biggest ambitions? Do you have supporting team around you while working?

These lessons are not rocket science nor anything new, but rather simple and practical things. Still, these are the giveaways how well known professionals explain their success, instead of special abilities. It seems that positive attitude in everything, self-improvement and life-hacking are still the hot topics.