Something amazing happened.

Up until last week I was the guy wanting to do podcasts since years but not with the guts to actually it.

“I’m not good enough” and “I will probably end up saying a lot of bullshit” were among the first thoughts on my mind.

And then last week we took a small risk and published a first, bad, podcast.

Who’s going to listen to our podcast anyway?

Then we published another one. And something truly amazing happened. We started to get feedback, which meant: “Someone WAS listening!"

Feedback on @bocedi Snapchat

Finally, the most surprising of them all, our friends and colleagues were together in a festival and every night decided to record a podcast themselves.

We broke the ice and others followed.

We took a risk and it’s already paying off.

Here's the next podcast, we talk about, the Heineken ladder, the interviews of Al Gore, Monica Lewinsky and David Guetta and of course, we talk about partying and rosé wine (we are still in Cannes after all).

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UPDATE: in the podcast we talk about DinglePod but we have rebranded Dinglecast :)