Cannes Lions Festival of creativity was everything and more.

So much more than any of us expected.

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There was a lot of talk about creativity and innovation and how to train for it. Many of the people we spoke to agreed on 4 main things.

1. Have the confidence to fail

Not everything you create is awesome. Not everything your brand creates can be mind-blowing. Don't take it personal. Fail and learn from the mistakes you've done. There has to be room to fail, learn from it and improve.

Take risks, fail, improve, repeat.

2. Have time to work on your idea

You need time to work on a great idea. A deadline on the next day is not an healthy situation. That idea you have on a 5-minute stress meeting before the deadline is the best thing you can present that day, not the best thing you can pitch, and the difference is huge.

In order to create something truly amazing you need to read about the market, the customer, the problem, ask around, take 2 to 5 days time just to get to know the problem. Then, start thinking on the solution.

I know this sort of timing is utopian for many of us, but if you can take the time to prepare, the solution will come to you even at unexpected time (shower, anyone?).

So take your time and grow that seed of an idea into a beautiful amazing flower.

3. Get out of the office

Take the freedom to work from somewhere else than your office. Just get a paper and pen and figure out an idea in the park, in the library, at home or in a restaurant. Don't spend 10 hours a day in the office, where the environment can be certainly friendly but not always the most inspiring.

Especially, take time for yourself to be somewhere where you can let your mind wonder (and create wonders).

4. Keep on playing

Being playful in the office is a must. We value "rockin' culture", which is just that. The office has to be a place where you can work but also where you have fun. You should be happy to come to work in the morning because you know you can have some fun as well.

We try hard every week:

Offices are always busy, but they don't need to be boring. One day in our office looks like this.

Posted by Dingle on Wednesday, May 20, 2015