Noora Pinjamaa (noorapinjamaa) has been exploring the Role of Digital Platforms on the Future of the Media Industry for many years.In her academic research, she has looked into the evolution of the publishing business in order to create possible scenarios for its future.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about what happens when digital platforms take a bigger slice of the media market. Snapchat Discover, Apple News and Facebook all want to provide quality content to their customers and at the same time ensure that they engage with their services as much as possible. Publishers still need to have a revenue streams, so what is the secret to a successful business model? What happens to online advertising when users are able to block most banner ads? What impact has the Buzzfeed model had on the publishing world and the quality of journalism?

Lots of questions, to which we try to give at least few answers to.

[00:30] Intro
[01:08] The situation of the publishing industry in 2015
[07:40] Snapchat and Discovery, a new platform for publishers or a place for few?
[12:00] Facebook instant articles: how they work
[17:10] Case: Orange is the New Black content marketing campaign
[23:50] The million dollar question: what is the best business model for publishers?
[27:30] How will digital media impact education?
[35:40] "The three questions" for Noora
[40:20] Outro

The book she mentions is "A Brief History of Time", by Stephen Hawkings. In the podcast we mistakenly call it "Theory of Everything", the movie about the famous physicist and his wife.

Let's continue the conversation on Twitter. All feedback is, as always, very welcomed.

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