What3words is a giant grid of 57 trillion 3x3m squares that covers the entire globe. Each square has been been given an address: 3 simple words from the dictionary. People find it easy to remember three words. The use of words means non-technical people can communicate precise location quickly, easily and with less ambiguity than any other system.

Everywhere in the world is part of the grid

We talked with Giles Rhys Jones (@gilesrhysjones), the marketing director of What3Words.

[1:40] Who is Giles Rhys Jones
[2:20] What is What3Words and how the music business helped create it
[9:20] How What3Words is changing the world by helping the third world
[11:00] Some case uses and partnerships on how What3Words is being used
[16:20] How does the future looks like for What3Words?
[17:22] What3Words use with Glastonbury Festival and other brands
[22:18] What3Words improves the first world as well
[25:45] How winning a Grand Prix in Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity changed everything for What3Words
[32:25] Outro

Why do we need a new addressing system for the whole world?

4 billion people in the world have no address. Without an address companies don't supply services like Electricity or water, because they can't supply and bill the utilities, people cannot register for personal IDs or schools or even, government don't build schools or healthcare systems because the supplies won't arrive and it'd be difficult for the personell to know where it is.

Creating an addressing system costs years (or even decades) and billions of dollars. Coordinate are just too difficult to describe a location and be communicated among people.

From the most remote places such as the Sahara desert or the Lapland forests to the places we know well but are poorly address, such as parks or festivals, every single spot on the planet has now a simple, three words address, thanks to What3Words.

I am writing from plugged.jungle.text, and that's the only place in the world with this three words name.

The What3Words app is free, works on the most basic smartphones, has built-in error detection (so you won’t find yourself in Paris if you are looking for a place in Berlin) and it can work offline too.

Many people say they're changing the world, but there are actually doing it, helping in the third world countries as well as in the Western World.

We talked with Giles Rhys Jones, the marketing director of What3Words. Enjoy the podcast. Explore the What3Words map and make sure you download their app.

What3Words for iOS: download here.

What3Words for Android: download here.

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