"Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something new."

Every year the best creatives in the world are awarded in the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Heta Kärki (@HetaMaria) and Emmi Uusitalo have won the Young Lions Finland Marketers organised by Kärki Media and were sent to France to compete against the others young creatives from around the globe.

In this episode of Dinglecast they tell us about how they won the Young Lions competition in Finland and they give good tips on how you can win in your country and join the bests of the bests in France next year.

[2:48] The idea behind last year's victory
[4:38] How the brief for Young Lions works
[9:10] The rules for entering the Young Lions competition
[13:15] How the Young Lions competition in Cannes works
[16:20] The creative idea Heta and Emmi had to get an honourable mention in Cannes
[22:26] The creative process, how it is and how it should be
[33:15] Heta's previous experience in Cannes
[36:00] Books we enjoy
[45:00] Outro

Interesting enough, in some categories there were only three participants in Finland, which means the possibility of win for those who just showed up was very high.

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