This year Slush was bigger. But was it any better? Unfortunately, many of the "normal" participants were not convinced. A normal participant is one of those without a start-up.

I interviewed few participants and one investor at Slush and discussed the findings with startupper Tuomas Silverang (@tuomassilverang), social media expert and founder of Aid-One.

We talk about it on Dinglecast:

Did Slush fail to deliver?

If you own a start-up, you probably got a lot of valuable contacts. If you were among the "normal" participants as I was, in my opinion there wasn't too much on the plate this year.

There were about the same visitors as last year, but whereas last year the launch of Jolla phone, the Nokia N1 tablet and the presence of Tech Crunch made it possible to reach wider audiences, this year it was a very Nordic business.

Same exposure on Twitter as last year

Martti Lindholm (@theMartti) has created once again a very clear infographic about Slush on twitter.

Just few data comparing #Slush14 and #Slush15:

Slush14 vs slush15 twitter analysis

I do not believe one can be satisfied when tweets decrease over the years, because there is less to talk about.

Is Slush worth going to?

Absolutely yes.

Despite everything, Slush is absolutely worth going to, especially if you have a start-up.
For start-uppers and investors, it’s the place to go (if you have the financial means to get in).

For everyone else I'd say yes, but only if you don’t have to pay for it. If you have to pay, it has to get better. What made Slush great in the past has been the atmosphere and the presence of product launches and big inspiring speakers. The atmosphere is still very much there, the decorations and the new venue were staggering this year and the after-parties awesome.

Nevertheless, many of the people I talked to on the Dinglecast episode felt that Slush needs to put more effort on becoming even better for the "normal" participants as well, not just for startuppers. It could work more closely with companies to launch products/softwares during Slush, it should have bigger, more inspirational speakers. Only then Slush can become as big as it wishes to be, in the same level as the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, LeWeb in Paris or, who knows, one day as big as SXSW in Texas. Too much? Well, we got to dream bigger if we want to be seen outside the Nordics.

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UPDATE 17.11.2015:
I've been contacted by Slush because at the time of recording Google only returned two articles on international press. There have been in facts a lot of articles on different websites. Here you can see the whole coverage on international press: International press

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