In today's episode of Dinglecast we talk about about the art of presenting with Timo Sorri and Oscar Santolalla.
Timo (@timo_havain) is a presentation designer, who "vaccinate people against death by power point”. Once management consultant, he had a wake up call after reading a book on the lost art of presenting. I find his blogs always very interesting and you can read them on the Havain blog.
Oscar (@osantolalla) is an expert in the art of presenting, public speaker, writer and host of Time to Shine podcast. They are both member of Toastmasters International, an open club for anyone who wants to get better at public speaking and leadership.

[2:18] Intro
[6:45] Toastmaster International contest
[11:00] The importance of preparing well before a presentation
[16:30] The default structure of a sales presentation
[19:00] Elon Musk’s Tesla Powerwall Keynote
[27:00] Business leaders concentrate on numbers, not emotions
[35:00] "The billboard test" or how to prepare great visuals
[40:40] The technical demo presentation structure
[48:00] What can we learn from TED talks
[56:00] Speeches we love
[1:00:10] Books about the Art of Presenting
[1:04:55] Outro

Quotes from the episode:

Dinglecast Twitter Slide

A quality of a good presentation is that you don’t feel like a presentation, but a discussion with your friends -@timo_havain

Don’t force your audience to multitask. They should be listening OR watching your slides -@osantolalla

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