Here we are, at the end of a very good year that has given us the new Star Wars movie and a whole Season of Dinglecast.

Today we end the first season and we present to you the second one: Dinglecast goes Digital Marketing.

We decided to have one theme throughout each episode and what do we know better than what we do every single day?

Dinglecast Season 2 will be about Digital marketing and everything related to it, such as:

  • How do you make your content go viral
  • Periscope VS Snapchat
  • Instagram best practices
  • Secret to a great content plan
  • Facebook advertisement

and so on...

They'll be shorter and more to the point.

Should brand have their own custom music?

We start Season 2 today with a sneak peak. We ask ourselves if brands should have their own music as they have their own specific design and colours.

As usual, let us know what you think about it on Twitter.

Have a happy end of 2015 and see you next year!

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