Season 2 of Dinglecast is finally here! The format will be of shorter, faster episodes, where we talk about mainly two things:
- What’s going on in our lives (5-10 mins)
- What’s hot and trending in the digital world (20-30 mins)

Special guest today: @Valtterio

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DJ Khaled: a major key to success

Image: IMGUR

Who is DJ Khaled? Why do millions of people watch his snaps and what’s so good about them to make him the most followed snapchat user together with Kylie Jenner?

You can find Dj Khaled on snapchat: @djkhaled305

Interesting article to check out: The Old People guide to DJ Khaled

How did Casey Neistat go viral?

Casey Neistat is a vlogger, you might have seen his “Bike Lanes” or “Make it count” videos, which both count more than 15m views. He blogs almost every day and not all of his videos go viral. In fact, most of them are watched “only” a hundred thousand times. His latest viral video is the one where he snowboards in a white New York City:

We refer to this medium article: "The Times Square snowboarding video: Why it went viral" and talk about how did that happen. Is Casey Neistat a lucky guy or a hard worker? (Spoiler: the last one).

Lemmy Kilmister: is it wrong to tribute a death person with such an ad?

We discuss the passing of Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead and his presence in a campaign by Finnish company Valio. The ad was itself a spoof of an older campaign. When the musician died, the ad came out anyway as a tribute. Check it out below:

Here the older Valio ad:

Making a murderer, the latest Netflix case [spoiler free]

We’re all hooked on Making a Murderer, the latest Netflix craze. The format is fairly new and reminds of Serial, the NPR podcast. It’s a docuseries about the difficult case of Steven Avery, whose rape conviction and exoneration after 18 years in a Wisconsin prison is followed by a murder charge. Did he commit it? Did he not? Is it OK to spoiler Breaking Bad or is it still too soon?

This all in Dinglecast Season 2, Episode 1. Enjoy!

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