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Awesome to live in a country that is buzzing with new stuff.

Dingle Is the Fastest Growing Marketing Agency in Finland

Markkinointi & Mainonta published today their financial survey conducted in collaboration with the Finnish Association of Marketing Communication Agencies (MTL)...

Create a Facebook tab application in seconds - Dingle ...

Businesses use Facebook to engage more with their clients and partners. It's great, and with a little bit of extra effort, it can be awesome for business. Let u...

How we serve customers

Yes we're going Prezi! What do you think?

Fancount as the only KPI? Change strategy

Measuring has always been one of the hot potatos in the social media scene. It seems some people still find it hard to believe that social media actually pays o...

Digital mingling

Like many Finnish ideas, our company name originates in the sauna. More precisely on a break between sauna sessions: sitting by a natural lake with a cold beer ...

Why not just Facebook for a living?

Dingle is looking for content producers/moderators.

Media budget for social media

When the whole marketing industry is staring at media budgets, social media needs a new perspective. Engaging in conversations with the customers and members of...

Scott Monty on Social media

Scott Monty gives a few direct hints on how corporations should engage in social media:

Social Media Guru

Take 5 000 and run. Not the way we want to do it.