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Send money to friends in Messenger – now with euros and British pounds
Facebook introduces a convenient and secure way to send and receive money right in Messenger threads — making it fast to send money to friends without leaving a conversation. These peer-to-peer payments are now available in the UK and France.

Advertising transparency and authenticity efforts

Facebook is making advertising more transparent. Starting next month, people will be able to click “View Ads” on a page and view the ads that a page is running on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. People should be able to tell who the advertiser is and see the ads that they’re running, especially political ads. Facebook will first test it only in one market area. Starting in Canada, Facebook will start to collect information about various ways an entire population uses the feature at a scale that allows them to learn and iterate.

New features for groups to build communities

Facebook is building tools and programs to help communities grow and be managed. These new features include things like welcome posts to help admins to introduce new members to the group and badges for group admins, moderators and new members. There is also member profiles (when group members click on another person’s name, they will be directed to a group-specific profile) and new controls to manage communities. Admins can now, for example, temporarily turn off a member’s ability to comment and post, and remove members who violate their community’s rules from multiple groups they manage with a single click.

WhatsApp finally lets you recall messages you’ve sent by mistake

The Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp is rolling out a feature that will let users delete a message for all people within a conversation. This new update will give the option for the sender to “delete for everyone”, which rids it from the chats for all. In its place, they will see a notification explaining that the message has been removed.

Messenger plugin for business websites

The newest way for businesses to engage with customers is with Facebook Messenger’s new chat plugin. Messenger’s customer chat plugin allows businesses to carry on conversations with customers between their website and Facebook Messenger. This means a conversation can begin on a business’s website and then seamlessly transition to Messenger, or vice versa, without losing any of the chat history.

Messenger plugin for business websites.png

Question friends or fans with new GIF and photo Facebook Polls

Facebook has launched Facebook Polls, with the added options of using photos or GIFs as answers. Facebook Polls will provide an easy way to spur on conversation, gather opinions, or organize plans. Polls can make interactive social media simple.

Experiment, test, and learn

Facebook has introduced two new measurement solutions: creative split testing and the Test and Learn tool, which make it easier for businesses to test and optimize campaigns. Creative assets are the ones that lets ads stand out, so learning which perform the best can help brands reach more people and inspire them to take action. The split testing tool makes it easy for advertisers to A/B test different ad formats, visuals, headlines, and calls-to-action to see which versions drive the best results.

Dynamic ads reach more people, reach the right people, and get business 

With broad audience targeting, advertisers can show products to more people who are likely to be interested shoppers. That's why there is now value optimization for dynamic ads to help marketers focus their campaigns on purchase value. By optimizing ads for people who are likely to spend more, marketers can improve ROI and focus their efforts on the people who will help drive the most revenue for their business. The collection ad format with dynamic ads targeting is another way to reach more customers. Collection helps expedite product discovery and purchase by featuring a primary video or image above a series of product images tailored to people's shopping behaviors.


Polls now on Instagram-1.pngPolls now on Instagram  

Instagram has introduced an interactive poll sticker on Instagram Stories. This cool new function lets you ask questions from your followers and see results from your followers as they vote. After sharing your poll, your followers can start voting immediately and see the results in real-time.

Superzoom is here

Now you can turn any moment into something fun and entertaining with Instagram’s new camera format called “Superzoom”. With the new creative tool, you can easily record a funny video with dramatic sound effects. This one is definitely worth trying when you would like an easy and new way to spice up your content!

 Go live with a friend
Going live just on your own can be a bit intimidating. Luckily, Instagram introduced a new feature that lets you go live with a friend! Instagram introduced live video last November and since then millions of people have used it to connect with their friends and followers. With this new feature, you can have even more fun connecting with your followers in real time.

More transparency for paid partnerships

As Instagram’s owner, Facebook faces pressure around ad transparency issues. Instagram is now moving forward with the rollout of its branded content tool. The purpose of the tool is to create a standardized format for paid partnerships, but also to provide advertisers data about the performance of posts. With the tool, influencers can identify posts that are paid by advertisers. Instagram is making the tool available for all the accounts with access to Insights data.  

The 24-hour time limit is now history: add any photo or video to Instagram Stories

When creating Stories, you can now add any photo or video from your camera roll, even if they are older than 24 hours. While the old 24-hour limitation encouraged people to share moments in real time, the new feature gives people more flexibility. It also enables users to share content that is less permanent and more casual in comparison with the content people want to share on their main feed.


Twitter clarifies rules about abuse, violence, adult content 

Twitter reacts to the evolution and changes in online behavior by clarifying its policies and how they enforce them. Twitter published a new version of the Twitter rules in the beginning of November. The biggest updates concern abusive behavior, self-harm, spam and related behaviors, as well as graphic violence and adult content. Read more here.

Twitter bans advertising from RT and Sputnik over election interference

Twitter has made a decision to ban advertising from all accounts owned by Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik. The decision is effective immediately and based on RT’s and Sputnik’s attempts to interfere with the 2016 U.S. election on behalf of the Russian government.

New transparency for ads on Twitter

Twitter has announced that it will increase the transparency of all ads on the platform, including political ads. Twitter will launch an advertising Transparency Center that will offer everyone insights into who is advertising on Twitter, details behind the ads, and tools to share feedback with Twitter.

Twitter shares a calendar of its safety work

Twitter has published a calendar of its safety work to counter criticism that it is moving too slowly to address cyber bullying, hate speech, and harassment on the platform. Twitter will start sharing regular updates about its progress.

New video-centric ad format: video website card

Twitter has introduced a new video ad format, which is designed to help brands raise awareness and drive traffic to their websites. The new ad format is an extension of the website card, which was launched in 2014. The video website card is now available for all advertisers globally.

video website card.png

New “Happening Now” highlights tweets about event-specific topics

Twitter has released a new feature called “Happening Now”, which makes it easier for people to follow a specific, ongoing event. The Happening Now feature showcases events in a card-style interface. It’s currently targeted towards sports events, but it will likely expand to other areas in the near future, such as entertainment, breaking news, or award shows.

Twitter is setting up a bookmarking tool

Twitter has confirmed that it is planning to launch a bookmarking feature to save tweets for later reading. This way, users can keep a separate list of content and tweets they want to save for later. So far, this has only been possible by using the heart, aka the favorite button, which is similar to liking the tweet. Read more here. 


Microsoft and LinkedIn teamed up for making your resume creation easier

LinkedIn wants to be the go-to software for people looking for new opportunities. That’s why LinkedIn is launching its Resume Assistant to Microsoft Word. Resume Assistant will help you in the following cases:

  • You want to compare yourself to how other professionals in similar role as you describe their work. Resume Assistant helps you by pulling LinkedIn insights from millions of member profiles after you selected your desired role and industry.
  • You want to get discovered by recruiters, but don’t know how to choose which skills are the right ones to include on your resume. With Resume Assistant you can see the skills other professionals in your desired role and industry have.
  • You are looking for new job openings. Resume Assitant will suggest you job openings based on your previous roles and in addition you'll see details of what the job requires, helping you to tailor your resume to a specific role.  

Want to read the specifics of the update? Read the whole article here: 

Microsoft and LinkedIn teamed up-1.png

See when your connections are online

According to LinkedIn, more than one-third of its members have surfaced new opportunities through casual conversations via messaging on LinkedIn. So to help its users to engage even more actively, LinkedIn has now added a green status dot next to the person’s profile picture to indicate when they are online.

Updates to Open Candidates feature.png

Updates to Open Candidates feature

LinkedIn published Open candidates -feature a year ago, and it has been a success. The tool gives job seekers an easy way to quietly signal to recruiters that they’re open to new opportunities. It serves as a mutual benefit for both job seekers and recruiters, as interested candidates get contacted for relevant opportunities and recruiters can search a pool of job seekers looking for a new challenge.

Now the tool has also got some updates to make it even easier and more effective to use than before. For example, you will now be able to easily toggle on the Open Candidates signal on your Dashboard. In addition to that you can now specify to which job titles you are open to, what cities you’d want to work in, and how soon are you looking for your next opportunity.

LinkedIn integration to Microsoft Outlook

The addition of LinkedIn to Outlook was announced already on September at Microsoft Ignite. Now it seems the update will be starting its roll-out. With the integration, email users will be able to view LinkedIn insights, profile pictures, work history and more from within their inbox. Read more about the update here.

LinkedIn to launch a new analytics tool, Talent Insights

The recruitment market brings LinkedIn its largest source of revenue. Now LinkedIn is reaching even more out to that business with its new product Talent Insights. The tool is a self-service, big data analytics product that will let recruiters make queries into statistics for hiring and employment based on LinkedIn data. The tool could for example let recruiters search on different parameters related to the jobs the want to fill in, say what schools are producing the most successful data scientists or which industries/ companies have been recruiting the most computer vision specialists. Read a more detailed description of the tool here.

The tool will be a separate, paid product that will be fully released mid-2018.


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