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The Facebook News Feed will prioritize posts that “spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people”, according to Mark Zuckerberg himself. What this means in a nutshell is that commercial and public pages will not feature as prominently on the News Feed, so more personal conversations can take the center stage. And what is the effect on businesses? It means that your page might not have the same reach as before. However, a good advertising plan and ensuring your content is genuine and interesting for people to engage with (such as with live video), will keep your page in view.

Happy 1st birthday to games on messenger

In celebration of games on messenger reaching its first birthday, new interactive capabilities are unveiled. Now, you can use live video to broadcast your thoughts to selected audiences while gaming. Your video will then be published on your page or profile for later viewing to those that missed it. In the live video spirit, live video chats are just around the corner for messenger gamers.

Games on Messenger Somenews .png

The eternal question: is social media our downfall?

Facebook has decided to chime in to the discussions on the ills of social media usage. Before reading the article, you might probably assume they’ll take a ‘all in moderation’ stance. No pun intended! That would be almost correct. They instead point out that research glosses over the benefits of social media while trying to sound out the warnings. So, the ‘how’ is essential in social media and their argument (based on various cited studies) is that meaningful interactions are good whereas passivity is bad. I guess we can all agree they aren’t wrong? Read more here.

Engagement trickery is stamped down on

In the good name of authenticity, convincing people to interact with not-so-authentic methods (engagement baiting) is being punished on Facebook. So, even if you get a lot of responses to ‘comment yes if you like cute animals!’ in your post, the algorithm will likely flag this as comment baiting. This is good news for the authentic content producers out there that haven’t resorted to trickery and seek out genuine conversations through meaningful content.

Transparency report published for first half of 2017

If you are worried about Facebook and their responsibilities to oversight and transparency, check out their full transparency report here. This includes both government requests for account data, content restrictions, and internet disruptions, as well as a new section on intellectual property.

What’s up with face recognition tech?

Most people that have heard about face recognition technology are in equal parts intrigued and alarmed. For Facebook, some of the benefits of this technology include finding out if there are pictures of you that haven’t been tagged in and ensuring there is no misuse of these pictures, and so forth. When in doubt, go check out your profile settings and read the small print. Currently, face recognition technology and these features are not available in Canada or the EU.

Facebook Face Recognition Technology Somenews.pngFace Recognition Technology Facebook Somenews.png

Tools to curtail harassment 

Facebook has announced new features to help prevent harassment. For example, the option to ignore a Messenger conversation without having to block the sender and also measures to help prevent unwanted friend requests/messages if a blocked contact tries to contact you through other means, such as by setting up a new account.

Balancing information on Facebook

Instead of flagging ‘false news’, Facebook has announced that they will combat misinformation with knowledge such as by providing related articles to give more context to different stories. Along these lines Facebook is also further researching how people process information to better balance these needs.

New opportunities to add sound to videos

Facebook has launched Sound Collection, where people can find music to go with their videos from free-use media. All of the material is owned by Facebook, so no more worries about infringing on someone else’s art. Future talks are underway to get deals with big artists, but that might still be in a more distant future.

Facebook Poke Button Somenews.png
Reach out on Facebook with a hug?

Do you still remember the days when you could poke someone on Facebook? It actually never went away, but got tucked away instead. According to TechCrunch, Facebook is now bringing the idea back to life and giving the option to interact in a similar way with users such as with a hug or a high-five. Let’s see if it becomes the new norm in greetings.

Check marks the verified business 

The stage is being set to help WhatsApp’s business chatting features be transparent. Accordingly, WhatsApp business accounts will either be verified, confirmed or unconfirmed. This way, users will be able to make decisions on who they want to interact with and who they might be wary of based on these official statuses.

More AR experiences on Facebook

Facebook (unlike Snapchat) has embraced third-party developers in the efforts to bring about more features of augmented reality (AR). So, last month, AR Studio became available to all developers so they can pitch in with things such as new graphical possibilities like adding hearts and stars above people’s heads. Read more about these developments here.

Cross-platforming with ads

Although WhatsApp is wary of adding in ads, Facebook does not have that problem. According to TechCrunch, a new ad unit will let businesses create a link between the two platforms: advertisers can now include a button on their ads so that people can call or message via WhatsApp with the click of a button.

Whatsapp and Facebook cross-platforming with ads .png

Mute pages, people, or groups for 30 days

No need to take drastic measures when something isn’t striking your fancy. Instead, you can hit the snooze button to mute pages or people for 30 days. This feature will show up in the drop-down menu on the right-hand corner of a post.

Is enough being done combating dangerous content?

Hate speech and dangerous comments pose a tricky problem for social media as a whole. For example, do recommended video algorithms need to get a reality-check? For more in-depth

Instagram recommended posts Somenews.png

 discussion on the issue, check out TechCrunch’s article.


Recommended posts on Instagram

Now you will get automatic recommendations on Instagram to help you expand your world. This feature is not optional like following certain hashtags (a new ability to further stream-line the content you see), but at least it will be clearly marked as recommended so you don’t confuse it with your personally selected material.


Connecting thoughts

Twitter has made it easier to create threads with a plus button in the composer. What’s more, you can add Tweets to the published thread with the intuitive “add another Tweet” button. Now your thoughts don’t have to stop with one Tweet.

Twitter Threads Somenews.gif

More transparency on withheld content

Twitter has implemented clearer in-product messaging when content or accounts have been withheld, to clarify why content was withheld and where. This is part of larger efforts to “continue to enhance transparency across the service and our biannual reports”, according to Twitter themselves. 

Should certain politicians be blocked from Twitter?

There have been discussions if politicians are somehow ‘above the law’ in terms of policies on Twitter. Twitter hears these discussions and has responded: “Blocking a world leader from Twitter or removing their controversial Tweets would hide important information people should be able to see and debate. It would also not silence that leader, but it would certainly hamper necessary discussion around their words and actions.” Food for thought!

Greater security authentication 

Twitter is allowing users to use third-party authentication apps to receive a two-factor login for their accounts, which is an upgrade in terms of security to the SMS-based verification method. Read more here.


Notifications to show hot skills

LinkedIn now offers monthly notifications to offer suggestions of trending skills that match your particular job title. This can help you optimize your profile to show your skills that your future employer or clients are looking to see.

Trending Skills LinkedIn Somenews.jpg

The top 10 for LinkedIn

Here are some of the biggest features from LinkedIn this past year:

  1. Spotlights identifies candidates open to new opportunities
  2. Apply Starters shows candidates that did not complete their application, so you can expand your search
  3. Contractor Targeting, does as it says
  4. Recruiter System Connect integrates LinkedIn Recruiter with your ATS
  5. InMail Analytics makes it easy to visualize your team’s performance and share best practices
  6. The Performance Summary Report gives you more information (about what?)
  7. New Jobs tab on LinkedIn’s mobile app reaches more (more what?)
  8. Pipeline Builder targets candidates for high-volume hiring
  9. Next-Gen LinkedIn Career Pages showcases your talent brand
  10. The “Apply with LinkedIn” plugin makes it easy for candidates to apply with their LinkedIn profile
Saving time on LinkedIn

Finding the right talent can be like a treasure hunt, not to mention time-consuming. That’s why LinkedIn’s features continue to expand to make recruiting easier. Find out how you can get more information on candidates, find new ways to reach out, and do things more efficiently on LinkedIn here.


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