Sticker sprites enable you to bring your own graphics to your snapstories. This gives you possibilities beyond emojis, default stickers and geofilters. 

Sticker Sprites for Snapchat

stickersprite-06b.jpgSnapchat has a ton of cool emojis and stickers that you can use to personalize your snaps. But sometimes you might not be able to find the exact one that you would like to use. You might want to bring in your company's or cause's logo into your snaps in nice quality. This is where sticker sprites can help. 

Snapchat recently introduced functionality that enables you to cut a piece of your snap to create your own sticker. Snapchat also enables you to use a picture from your camera roll. By combining these two we can hack our own quality stickers into our snap stories.

How to make a sticker sprite

Creating a sticker sprite is a bit of a clever trick or hack. The technique is not obvious, but very straightforward. Here is a short tutorial to get your own stickers into your snapstories.

  • Create blank image that matches your phone's resolution (1080 x 1920 pixels)
  • Place graphics with clear contrast to background
  • Import the sprite to your phone's camera roll
  • Open the image in Snapchat from the camera roll gallery
  • Edit the image and cut out your graphics
  • Use them in your snaps!

Create a canvas and place your graphics on it with high contrast

For my example, I've created a sprite with three graphics on it that I will cut out to stickers: the Dingle logo, our CEO's head and a kiwi.

stickersprite.jpgThe high contrast between the sticker you want to cut out and the background helps ensure that your sticker wont have any background colored residue.

You can place many stickers on the sprite, or dedicate it to just one. I would not recommend putting more than three, as it becomes difficult to cut out the stickers if they are tiny.

Import the sprite to your camera roll and open it in Snapchat

The camera roll images can be found when you swipe up to Memories from the camera screen.


With the sprite image opened, long press it to bring up options and select the pen icon to edit it. 


When editing, go to stickers, select the scissor icon and cut out your graphics

The scissor icon is located towards the bottom of the screen in the sticker view.


Cut out each graphic separately. Make sure you cut at the edges. This is where it helps to have the high contrast with the graphic and the background. It might take a couple of tries, but try to get as clean a cut as possible.

Once you've cut all the graphics, they will be available in your sticker collection and you can go back to the photo screen.


Now snap away with your awesome new stickers!

Now that you have your cool branded high quality stickers, go ahead and use them in your snaps. By using this camera roll import trick, you can be sure you have better quality stickers and you get the cleaneast cut of them.

Enjoy, share and let me know what you think of this technique!