I started using Twitter four years ago. I have tweeted 900 times during that time. That´s not a lot of tweets but there is a reason for it, I lost my motivation for a while.

Here is why: Twitter is like a bar.

You walk into bar looking for a conversation and some company. As you enter the bar thinking you are the most interesting person ever to set foot in the establishment. You open your mouth and shout:

And now you just wait for people to flock around you and pay attention to your wisdom. Surprise: no one comes. That was the mistake that made me lose interest on Twitter: I mainly presented my thoughts and activities expecting everybody to find my tweets, engage with them and love me for my wits.


My biggest mistake was not being proactive and engaging in discussions. Twitter is full of relevant discussions that you can engage in. You just have to make a small effort and take part in them. They are great opportunities to show brand-presence. My communication was one-way, non-social in a multi-directional social platform. And this seems to be a common mistake. People and companies step onto the platform to present themselves but they lack interaction, which is what generates conversations. Social media turns into a non-social media. And that is when the motivation and interest for the platform drops. Stating things and hoping to get attention does not generate interaction. 

Interaction generates interaction.

As soon as I started tweeting about events that were happening right then and there I found a great deal more interaction. It was not a big effort since I honestly care about those topics.


It was scary at first, but I also took it upon myself to tweet to people. And the Twitter got really interesting. Not only @richardbranson but people with the same interests and people who were engaging in the same occurring events.


Common topics of discussion are common topics of discussion, and this is valid for brands as well. Companies put great resources in creating good content. That is positive. What happens with the content and who does it reach is a complete different story. A piece of content might be interesting and set a spark in the audience. That´s great. But have you thought about keeping the ball rolling? Good content can be a good topic of discussion for a surprisingly long time if you engage in the discussion and keep it going. That way the content does what it is supposed to do. Reach people. Twitter is not a different society, it is a mirror of the events in ours. Just like in a bar.