Mindfulness is "Paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally”. It can change the way you live your life, including work and personal relationships. With mindfulness meditation you can increase focus, decrease stress, and stimulate your creativity. Mari Rasimus (@mariras) is here today to guide us through the reasons why you should start practicing daily.

[00:10] Intro
[05:00] Mari big revelation moment after which she quit her daily job
[09:20] What is mindfulness
[12:05] The 4 main benefits of mindfulness
[19:45] How can you start being mindful in your everyday life
[23:10] The websites, apps, books and other ways to start mindfulness and meditations
[27:35] How to get in touch with Mari & her blog
[29:30] 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation

The benefits of mindfulness we discuss in the episode:

  1. Meditation decreases stress
  2. When you live mindfully, your immunity system react accordingly: studies show people get less sick
  3. During meditation you can think of what really matters: it helps focusing and prioritising, both at work and at home
  4. Mindfulness teaches you compassion and empathy, both very useful in personal relationships
  5. In time of meditation, your creativity is stimulated

My favourite quote from the episode:

dinglecast_mindfulness_Mari Rasimus_podcast_QUOTE2

[Tweet "“We can spend our days going after likes and unread emails but we will miss the real life“"]

Useful links about mindfulness

Books about mindfulness we mention

Apps to get started with mindful meditation

  • Headspace,  my favorite mediation app. It guides beginners and advanced mindful meditators alike
  • (FIN) Mindfulness by Leena Pennanen
  • Buddhify, a general easy to use meditating app.

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