“It shouldn’t be Experience Design, it should be Experience Strategy. And Experience Strategy is a process that never ends”.

Patrick Zimmermann (@patrickzimm27) is an Experience Strategist from Cologne, Germany. He’s the author of several articles on Experience Design (EXD), among which “How “Experience Design” can create a more holistic “User Experience”

In this episode we deconstruct his latest blog and all the different elements which make up Experience Design.

[00:45] Intro
[03:00] What is Experience Design
[06:30] How the term “Design” is “Experience Design” is misleading
[10:50] Patrick’s background and how he got into EXD
[13:00] How Patagonia successfully designed a great core and peripheral experience
[17:30] How to reach an holistic experience mindset
[20:22] How hard it is to design a good experience?
[25:20] Experiences can be subjective, holistic, situated and dynamic
[29:30] How website add friction in order to increase the customer engagement

Among the conclusions we reach during our discussion, we agree that experience design is rather a mindset than a skill set. In other words, EXD is an umbrella under which different skills are working together towards the goal of creating engaging experiences. It therefore becomes the role of the Experience Strategist to create this common understanding of the breadth and depth of experience and orchestrate the various disciplines towards the target of creating meaningful customer experiences.

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