Claudio Santori (@claudio52) has reinvented himself more than any other person I know from self taught coder to TEDx speaker, from actor in a very famous tv commercial in Lithuania to entrepreneur, Claudio has been on a quest to find his best self since many years.

His favourite tool? Books about self-improvement.

In this episode we talk about a lot of different themes, including the best diets, dating, productivity tips, how to find your inner strength, when to find time to read and many many more.

[1:31] Intro
[7:50] First steps into self-improvement books
[10:30] How he lost +10 kilos by changing his diet
[17:00] The food pyramid was invented for the survival of a kingdom
[20:00] A beginner’s mindset can help you become expert
[24:08] How a broken heart and the death of his father have helped Claudio become a better person
[27:30] "Double your dating" and other confidence exercises
[34:10] Can you fail less thanks to reading? And how can you make reading a habit?
[39:05] How your body and friends will sabotage you, protecting you from changing
[43:40] The "pomodoro technique" or how to get shit done and Facebook less
[47:00] The importance of self-improvement books
[55:10] The problem is often not flying too high, but flying too low.
[59:00] Strength finder 2.0
[01:02:40] Is talking about sex still a taboo? (yes)
[01:07:07] Outro

Here you can find the list of Claudio's Goodreads list of books you must read.

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