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On Tuesday, the 26th of September, the internet rejoiced as one of the most anticipated social media news events unfolded – tweets can now have 280 characters! This has not only been excepted, but also greatly hoped for since the 140-character limit has caused headaches for twitter users and marketers all around the world, ever since the day twitter was born.

A lot has been going on in other social media channels as well. For example, Facebook has merged Power Editor and Ads Manager into one holistic ads tool, and Instagram has rolled out a new polling feature for Instagram stories.

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Out with the old: Facebook retires some unpopular boosted post options

Facebook has removed the ability to boost some rarely used post types. This will allow Facebook to focus on and improve their most effective ad products. The list includes, for example, boosting share of products from shops and page sharing a shop, then boosting the story.

New controls and capabilities for branded content marketers

By working together with trusted influencers and content creators, an advertiser or marketer can now have more options to get their product in front of their target audience. Facebook has added two new features that will help advertisers connect with influencers even further.

Boost posts by other creators

Previously, marketers could only boost an influencer’s post by sharing it first. Now Facebook is adding the ability to directly boost the post as it appears on the creator's Page.

Get more control over branded content tags

In order to ensure that their affiliations are properly represented, marketers can now choose which creators are authorized to tag them in a branded content posts from their Page Insights.

Instagram Stories featuring on Facebook is in testing

Not long ago, Facebook launched its version of Stories on its desktop platform. While users can still continue using this feature, Facebook is simultaneously testing a new enhancement where users of Instagram are able to share their Stories directly to Facebook via Instagram. Read more here!

WhatsApp’s new business messaging tool is in the works

Tests are signaling that WhatsApp is planning to make money with its service. Tests are being conducted with a handful of companies and one potential revenue source would be to charge businesses that want to contact customers on WhatsApp. Read more here!

Power Editor and Ads Manager are combined into Ads Manager

Facebook has combined Ads Manager with Power Editor to make it easier for advertisers to create and manage ads in one place. The merge has been rolled out gradually, meaning that some advertisers will get it sooner than others. Advertisers currently using Ads Manager will notice a few differences including a different workflow when creating ads and a new review process that confirms edits. Advertisers currently using Power Editor, on the other hand, will not notice any differences except with the new name.


What's on your minds? Polls debut on Instagram Stories

Polls can now be attached to the Stories feature. The interactive sticker lets you to write out your own questions, customize poll choices, and share a two-option poll right in your story. This is a great possibility for brands to interact with their audience in a new way on Instagram.

Instagram tools promote safety and kindness

Instagram wants to protect its users and make their platform a safe place for everyone. To achieve this, they are introducing a couple of new features.

Commenting controls

Already available, this feature let’s you choose who can comment on your posts on a public account. You can choose to let everyone, people you follow, or only let your followers comment your posts. Also, you can block other accounts from commenting on your posts whether your account is public or private.

Earlier in June, Instagram launched a filter to block certain offensive comments in English and now the filter will also become available in Arabic, French, German, and Portuguese.

Reporting a live video can also offer help

You can now anonymously report a live video, if you see someone going through a difficult time or see that they are in need of support during a live broadcast. The broadcaster will then see a message offering them help with options to talk to a helpline, reach out to a friend, or get some other tips and support. Instagram has teams working 24/7 around the world to be ready to respond.

Read the blog post here!

Instagram Stories for desktop

Stories, for a long time a mobile-only feature, will soon be available for desktop and web versions of Instagram. The roll-out of this feature has already started.


Twitter doubles its character limits

The conversation around character limits on Twitter has been going on for ages, but now the change is actually happening. Twitter announced on their blog that the new character limit for tweets will be 280, which doubles the character amount from what it was previously. This gives users more space to express themselves and get even more creative with their tweets.


Recruiting tools zero in on talent scouts

With a click of a button, job searchers can now share their profile, email, and phone number with the recruiting team of a company they are interested in. Recruiters are also now able to tailor personalized content to attract talents.

More streamlined ads reporting

LinkedIn Ads reporting can now be broken down by company. You can filter your campaign performance by individual companies to see how members from different employers are engaging with your ads.

Read all the LinkedIn product updates to LinkedIn Talent Solutions here.

Reach out with LinkedIn Audience Network

LinkedIn Audience Network lets you reach even more professionals with your Sponsored Content campaigns. You can choose the categories of third-party apps and sites where you want your ad to appear and upload block lists for specific sites where you do not want your ad to appear. The performance reports for the Audience Network are also available separately, so you will be able to compare the network performance to your on-site performance.

Better targeting of students through job title

For targeting people by their job title, student-related titles now include also LinkedIn members who have a school listed in their education that they’re presently attending. Previously, the title only included LinkedIn members who had listed “student” as their current job position.

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