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Facebook further optimizes businesses’ global reach

Building on last-year’s cross-border solutions, Facebook introduces:

  1. Dynamic language optimization to let businesses include many languages in one campaign.
  2. Multi-country ‘Lookalike Audiences’ to check out business potential in more combinations of countries and regions.
  3. Multi-city targeting to allow businesses to target cities better, such as reaching places with certain population sizes without individually adding cities or doing extensive research.
  4. Cross-border insights to give more information including comparative country data and past campaign performance across Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network.
Advertising principles are taken seriously at Facebook

In a time where advertising is more and more relevant in people’s everyday life. Facebook has decided it is still “helpful to lay out the principles that guide our decision making when it comes to advertising across Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.” From being people-centered to transparent advertising, Facebook knows you want to know what’s happening on this front.

Creators get more tools to speak with Facebook fans

Facebook’s Creator App is a tool that helps creators to improve their presence on Facebook through things like insights, providing revealing analytics to more interactive tools that help creators engage with fans. Facebook Creator app launches first on iOS and will be available on Android in the coming months.

somenews facebook creators get more tools-1.png

Photographers rejoice: 4k resolution photos to Messenger

If you update your Messenger app in many countries, you can now send sharper, clearer, high-res pics via Messenger without worrying about annoying downtime. This 4k-resolution revolution starts in the US, Canada, France, Australia, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea, and will expand further soon (for both iPhone and Android).

Real help can be in real time

Sharing on social media is not always fun and games, it can also be about serious matters. Facebook continues initiatives to help in suicide prevention and set up protocols for reaching those that are vulnerable. For example:

  1. Finding ways to detect suicidal patterns in posts and live videos to help respond to reports quicker.
  2. Improving how to identify appropriate first responders.
  3. Adding to the team that review reports of suicide or self-harm.
Do more good via Facebook 

Facebook has unveiled various tools and advances to help do good on this very popular social media platform. For example, the following 7 key points from Facebook Social Good Forum:

somenews facebook do good.png
  1. Mentorship and Support (product) connecting mentors with those that need guidance.
  2. Making 100% of charitable donations go directly to the non-profits in question.
  3. Facebook Donations Fund (50 million USD for 2018) ready to help communities recover.
  4. Fundraiser tools expanded in places like Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.
  5. Letting people sync Facebook fundraisers with other fundraising efforts.
  6. Community Help API, a new tool that gives disaster response organizations access to key data.
  7. Blood donations feature bringing together more blood banks and hospitals to donors. For example, more than 4 million people in India have signed up.
Let’s have family fun with Messenger Kids

Like the name says, Messenger Kids is a safe way for children to safely video chat and message with family and friends. This ad-free platform is created in cooperation with parents to let kids enjoy the latest technology, safely. The preview is now available in the US.

Bye-bye to App Invites on Facebook

Remember getting spammed by FarmVille’s incessant invites back in the day? Now Facebook has put App Invites to bed along with the related Native Like Button, App Links Host, Comment Mirroring, Send Button, Sharing Insights, and Follow Button products, by Feb 6th, in order to focus on other ways to help their developer community.

Messenger: Is it the place for business?

Facebook has confirmed to TechCrunch that they are internally testing Messenger Broadcast, a “self-serve mass-messaging interface that lets businesses send marketing messages to users”. The details are up in the air, yet it seems clear that Facebook sees business money potential in Messenger, but will tread carefully and remember that people don’t take well to spam. 

somenews messenger for businesses.png

Truth or fiction?

Facebook (and Twitter) plans to release official ‘disinformation’ reports connecting to Brexit soon. Both social media giants have responded to investigations into the mass spread of sketchy-at-best issues allegedly meant to promote or undermine certain political agendas, namely from Russian-backed accounts. Allegations of Brexit being clouded by such campaigns might get some further official clarity soon.

Dear Facebook diary…

Since Facebook users are moving away from the me-me-me posts and instead sharing other content more freely, the ‘Did you know?’ social questionnaire seeks to engage them again on a personal level. If you like talking about yourself, but feel that it is a bit passé, go ahead and answer what your superpower would be.

Messenger Streaks on the horizon? 

In the spirit of the addictive nature of Snapchat Streaks, Facebook is toying with Messenger Streaks to draw attention, in short, to people that you chat with a lot. So, your BFFs will be flagged and maybe you will be inspired to keep being social on Messenger.

Save time and money, but optimize Facebook ads

Optimize your social media budget with…you guessed it…the Campaign Budget Optimization tool. This way smaller companies can have better control with allocating limited resources to where it actually makes a difference without much guesswork.

somenews facebook advertising.png


Instagram: going up and up for businesses

Instagram has announced that it now has 25 million active business profiles, up from 15 million in July 2016. With a reported 80% of Instagram accounts following a business, this should serve as a sign to those businesses that are not seeing the power of pictures.

Instagram Stories now can stick around

24 hours and poof! Not anymore. Instagram is now offering a way to keep those cool stories alive through archives and highlights. Some things are totally worth remembering. But, does this seems to be a movement away from the ‘here today and gone tomorrow’ charm of Instagram Stories?

somenews instagram stories highlights.png

New ways to interact on Instagram

Instagram hasn’t gone so far to let users post from their work computers. But, they are recognizing that not all interactivity needs to be mobile-to-Insta. Cute cat pic on a website? Now you can share things from the web (still via phone) to your Stories with some basic functionality. 

There are rumors: A repost button coming to Instagram? 

The Next Web reports that a ‘regram’ button might be coming out on Instagram for native re-posting without needing to go through third party apps or the long way around by procuring content yourself and then posting.

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Twitter’s Brexit headaches continue

Research is showing that Russian Twitter bots sent 45,000 Brexit tweets near to the game-changing Brexit vote. Check out the newest data and statistics here.

Twitter grappling with social responsibility 

Twitter says it will revoke verifications in cases where guidelines are not met. What does this mean? Well, it means they are taking provocation and harassment seriously. What does this mean in practice? We look forward to hearing more.

In testing: Tweeting up a Tweetstorm

According to Tech Crunch, the feature “offers a new interface for composing tweets, where individual tweetstorm entries can be written one-by-one then published to Twitter in a staggered fashion with a press of a ‘Tweet All” button’.” For example, “to tell personal stories – even suspenseful or funny ones – connect facts surrounding breaking news, rant about politics or other issues, and more.” 

 New features to keep people ‘in the know’ on Twitter

 Twitter is reportedly testing a new feature that indicates how many people are ‘talking about’ tweets, providing a larger social context about social engagement.

somenews twitter talking about-1.png


Mentoring also on LinkedIn

In the spirit of the mentorship trend, LinkedIn is connecting you better with people you can receive career advice from. After a few clicks on your dashboard, Career Advice offers you recommendations based on the settings you have chosen to get expert advice or be a mentor yourself. 

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